tunji beier

matthias loibner

  • Skeazo
  • Lalabee
  • 4b4
  • Try to remember
  • Nsinsi Sunshine
  • Pink & green I
  • Pink & green II
  • Lyloo
  • Sommerregen
  • About noon

hurdy-gurdy, live looping: Matthias Loibner
Percusion, noise, live looping: Tunji Beier

Zykado is a friendly game inside and outside the bounds of music.
Rules: none


Nsinsi Sunshine


In playful experiments with musical and emotional parameters Matthias Loibner and Tunji Beier achieve a multilayered simultaneity of sounds, styles and feelings.

Fragility and hardness, acoustic and electronic meet organically in the archaic-modern sounds of the hurdy-gurdy, drums, stones and bells.

Tunji Beiers roots are african (Yoruba), southindian and jazz, Matthias Loibner studied classical and traditional european and african (Buganda) music. The essence of these experiences is source for zykado.

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