músicas populares

de la guerra civil

brigada bravo&díaz

  • ¡A las Barricadas!.
  • Trágala.
  • Canción del frente Unido. (letra: B. Bretch / música: H. Eisler)
  • La internacional. (1871, letra: Eugène Portier / música: Pierre Degeyter).
  • Los cuatro generales.
  • Bandiera Rossa / La joven guardia.
  • Au devant de la vie. (D. Shostakovich).
  • Himno de Riego.
  • Arrión.
  • Si me quieres escribir.

Guitars y live looping: Antonio Bravo
Hurdy Gurdy, music box and live looping: Germán Díaz

Recorded on December 5, 2007 in the mansion of producciones efímers, by Arthur Valdasano.
Mixed and Mastered on December 31, 2007 by Pablo Baselga, at Infinity Studios

¡A las Barricadas!


Canción del frente Unido

Bandiera Rossa / La joven guardia

Himno de Riego


They are two but they sound like, at least five. With a guitar and a hurdy can make silence speak. Music, like all art, is not a question of numbers or tools, but talent. If it is a virtuoso of the instrument (and Bravo & Diaz are) for better yet, although the ability to execute to make it difficult not easy enough. Above it is the ability to convey emotion, to evoke feelings in the notes. Utilize traditional melodies to develop sophisticated variation is a path lying between cultured and popular since the Renaissance, the finest musicians have been transiting. For me it is a satisfaction that Bravo & Diaz have chosen these songs that are included in my Cancionero popular Spanish Civil War as the starting point of his recent work. In this key jazz - classical music of the twentieth century, they have taken back the melodic patterns of that mythical time to make them sound like something unexpected and new. Hearing these songs is almost impossible not to admire them as musicians, but most still fail to be moved.

Luis Díaz Viana


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