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rao trío

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Germán Díaz: hurdy-gurdy
César Díez: bass and fretless bass
Diego Martín: drums and cajón
Invitado: Gorka Hermosa: accordion

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Infinity Studios, on May 17th and 18th, 2004 by Pablo Baselga.

El famoso grupo italiano fundación Toni Manero (G. Díaz)
Libertango (A. Piazzola)
Macktub (C. Díez)
Repecho (G. Díaz)
Pechotango (G. Díaz)
Medallón (G. Díaz)
Bule-ría de Arousa (C. Díez)
Entradilla (tradiconal)
Aira (tradiconal)

1001. Lomo1001. Disco1001. Caja

The 21st century has collected a rich tradition which started around 1990: the reinvention of ancient musical instruments. In full extasis of ethnic rhythms and fusions of all types, a number of young musicians decided not only to contaminate their musical language with any interesting source, but also to use traditional folkloric instruments, with a totally renewed vision.

This is the way to understand the revolutionary treatment used by trikitrika (Kepa Junquera), gaita - midi (hevia), alboka (Ibon Koteron), timple canario (J.A. Ramos),grallas - dulzainas (Els Groullers), pito - flautas (Ángel Rufino de Haro) and half a dozen experiences more which i won't continue mentioning, because in the end we must talk about our protagonists, RAO TRIO.

The soloist is a hurdy-gurdy player. On hearing the group for the first time, you feel emotion. If you listen with your eyes closed, a kind of disappointment comes when trying to identificate such a sweet and not easily recognizable istrument. But on opening your eyes, surprise appears. It is a hurdy-gurdy, something we relate with medieval songs, the Camino de Santiago and Coplas de Ciego. The way it is played is completely original. A risky concept that starts from a remarkable virtuosism which has forced an adaption of this instrument for the new technical and expressive neccesities. That freedom allows everything to be played, in any style.

Germán Díaz (Valladolid, 1978) has chosen with RAO TRIO to move towards the influence of jazz, accompanied by two fellow countrymen who form an imaginative and warm rhythm section: César Díez (bass) and Diego Martín (drums). With them, Gorka Hermosa de Urretxu, a luxury accordion player adding a brilliant counterpoint.

RAO TRIO's repertory includes castillian traditional songs, a couple of César´s compositions and six tunes by Germán, some of them well acclaimed, such as El medallón or Pechotango. This last one shows his love for the Buenos Aires style, a passion also shown in Libertango, by Astor Piazzola, in which we come across absolute innovation again. Something which in it's moment was already a creative upheaval, suffers a new kick towards even more innovation. This is only possible for a genius, and here we have one: RAO TRIO. How lucky we are to be able to enjoy them!

José Miguel López
Discópolis - Radio 3.