marc egea

Marc Egea: hurdy-gurdy
Sandrine Robilliard: cello
Enrique Tellería: bandonion
Franco Molinari: double bass
Enric Canada: percussions
Ana Losantos: basson
Jordi Vallverdú: catalan bagpipe

All compositions and arrangements by Marc Egea.
Recorded at Auditori Pau Casals of El Vendrell between 15 and 10 December 2003.

Recording engineer: Jordi Rotés
Editing and mastering: Ferran Conangle

Sichler: muntanya de pedra
Ginkgo biloba
Nunc stans
Homo, humus, humili


An instrument may belong to a given context, be intended for use within a particular time or a particular musical style. But it happens that sometimes, there are musicians who can take a tool such far-as far as your imagination dictates because of the passion that come to feel for him. It is then no longer possible to speak of styles or eras but of pure creation, leaving the instruments available to it, beyond its time, its possibilities canonical or knowledge by the public.

From the first until the last of the nine that make Melanocetus, the hurdy speaks in his own voice, alone or talking with instruments known as the cello, bassoon or bandoneon. They were composed by the same zanfona, Marc Egea, and to listen to sense a perfect balance between the potential of this ancient instrument, but which nevertheless could be considered, without doubt, an absolute contemporaneity, and the creation music itself. That is why we are facing a record for specialists or for lovers of hurdy but for everyone. Deserves special attention Excellencies template Marc Egea interpreters for those who thought the compositions: Sandrine Robilliard the cello, Enrique Telleria the bandoneon, Franco Molinari bass, Enric Canada to the drawer and bendir, Ana Losantos the bassoon and the cleat Jordi Vallverdú or Catalan bagpipe.

Without doubt, a record that leads us to the mysterious and unknown abyssal depths, inhabited this fascinating fish called Humpback. A new jewel in order to seal producciones efímeras.