músicas populares de la gran guerra

brigada bravo&díaz

destino del pedido

Antonio Bravo: guitar, arrangement and composition of additional parts
Germán Díaz: voice, hurdy-gurdy, Barrel organ, programmable music box, krakebs and bendhir

Recording Live 9-VI-2016. Casabranca Studios

Acknowledgements: Carmelo González, Germán Díaz, Merran Laginestra, Pedro Pascual, Universidad de California -Santa Bárbara-, David Seubert.

© graphic design fernando fuentes for this cloud 1014.

Oh! Frenchy. Con Conrad
Battle of the Marne -Balada-
Battle of the Marne -Marcha-. J.Luxton
A little bit of sunshine. James F.Hanley
Indianola. S.R.Henry
Long boy. Barclay Walker
K-K-K-Katy. Geoffrey O’Hara
When I send you a picture of Berlin -F.Fay,B.Ryan,D.Dreyer
It’s a long way to Tipperary. Jack Judge
Oh! How I hate to get up in the morning. Irving Berlin

The new project from “Brigada Bravo&Díaz” is based on the popular music from World War I.

Looking for information on phonograph records, we found an interesting collection in the library of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

They have digitalized thousands of old wax cylinders and made playlists of all these tunes. One of the themes from the digitalized collection from which 116 songs have been compiled, is the popular music of the WWI; and these are the songs that we have chosen for our new album.

This is the second project we have done playing wartime music.

Music written in wartime has a clear functionality: music to boost morale, to remember loved ones, or with a very sharp wit, in order to fight fear. We like to take these melodies out of context and bring them into our territory, allowing us the freedom to improvise, but continuing to maintain that emotional impact.

We would like to remain faithful to that.

In addition to the hurdy­gurdy and guitar, the Brigade’s usual instruments, we use mechanical instruments such as programmable music box and the Barrel organ, which reads rolls of carton, that we have previously perforated with the musical arrangement. These mechanical instruments interpret the punched cartons and we improvise over the rigidity of them.

This interesting digitalized project with old cylinders, is financed through private donations. Anyone can donate and contribute by sponsoring one or more of these cylinders fromthe webpage of the University.