caja de acuarelas - variación III -



"Caja de acuarelas" (Box of watercolors) is one of the first projects from the photographer Oscar Molina. From an original photograph of an old box of pills into the water, has developed three variations: the first is an exhibition, the second in an audio-visual projection, and the third variation is that we present.

"Caja de acuarelas_variación III" consists of a box with eighty cards reproduced in postcard format black and white eighty pills of the old box water pills.

This real "magic box" joyfully opened our new publishing division, which under the heading "Other clouds" devoted to the publishing of photographic works, graphic and literary author with a special musicality, and with whom we have a special resonance in short-lived.


Oscar Molina starts with "Caja de acuarelas" a series of projects exploring the relationship between image and text, among other things, as an open proposal to the viewer participation, an invitation to create your own experience through reading and viewer's relationship to the work. Other projects developed by the author in this line of work are "Fotografías de un diario", "Photolatente", "Ammonites"…

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Caja de acuarelas_variación III
Oscar Molina

Recycled cardboard box
Dimensions 11,5 x 14 x 4 cm.

Two-tone printing on Fedrigoni Paper of 350 grs.
Text of presentation within: Oscar Molina.
Supplied shrink wrapping.
Roll: 1.000 copies

Edit: producciones efímeras
Box design: Murielle Aufranc / Fernando Fuentes
Printing: Editorial Sever-Cuesta. Valladolid
© first edition: producciones efímeras, 2009
© caja de acuarelas_variación III: Oscar Molina, 2009
isbn: 9 788493 740306